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Apply to Join
Stagestars Dance School

Please complete the following information then click 'Send Request' button ONCE ONLY.

Alternatively, you can fill in the form, print it, and post it to us. Address shown below.

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Medical Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Classes at STAGESTARS Dance School costs £4 for 30 minute class and £5 for 45 minute class.
Term fees are to be paid in full at the start of each term. At least a week prior to commencement of each term, dates and payment options for the new term are displayed on the website. See Payment Options on the Term Dates and Fees page.

As demand for places is high we would be grateful if payments could be made promptly, as this will guarantee your child's place. Unfortunately, refunds cannot be made for non-attendance or once a payment is paid for the term.

The timetable of the classes may occasionally change depending on the needs of the students, but this would only change at the start of a new term. STAGESTARS Scotland strives to be a professional school with a positive and friendly ethos; we therefore reserve the right to exclude students whose behaviour/attitude is disruptive or inappropriate. We do, however, hope that this will never be necessary.

We agree to this contract and would like to be considered for membership.

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Use of Images:
We use images of students in publicity material and on our website to promote our shows. I give consent to my child being in photographs used for publicity purposes i.e for Show publicity, on the website and/or general stagestars advertising.
Please type 'I agree'

You may click the 'Send Application' button below to send by email. We will contact you about your deposit and payment terms.

If you prefer, you can complete the form and use the 'print' button at the top of your browser to print out a hard copy.

You should then send the completed form to:

Dance School
Abbeyfield House
Old Town
AB55 5DQ
Mobile: 07976 221821
We hope you will have a very happy learning experience at STAGESTARS, and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.
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