The Junior School

The Junior School is held on Thursdays from 4pm-5pm in Keith. It is for children aged 4 - 6 years. Each lesson lasts an hour and includes singing, dance and drama. Young children naturally love to role play, dance about and sing! We channel this enthusiasm into practical activities, whilst learning the basic skills and techniques required for performing.

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Sing, dance, act....laugh!

In singing we work on pitch, rhythm, voice control and expression through lively fun songs. The children learn about posture and breathing while singing, how to become a character while using the voice while developing basic technique. All the songs are chosen mainly for fun and enjoyment, but also have a purpose for learning how to sing.
Dance lessons focus on co-ordination, body awareness and isolations. Simple choreography is taught to varying styles and genre of music.

Drama is taught through use of games and stories. The basics of drama techniques, such as developing a character, movement on and around the stage and working with other actors, using improvisation and stories.

What our Juniors say.....

I love the fun songs and silly warm ups.
I like playing drama games.
My favourite part is dancing and toy shop acting.
I liked when we made up our own drama.
My favourite thing this term was doing Snow White characters.
I like music.