Parental Involvement

We welcome parents to become involved with Stagestars. The majority of parents of students in Stagestars enjoy being involved in some aspect of the school and for that we are most grateful. It is expected that all parents help with the supervision of their child/children during the week of the Show.

Supervising your child during the Show week.

Every year, at Show time, we request the help of parents and friends to join us backstage, to help with the smooth running of the Show. Each year we have been lucky enough to have many valued helpers, whom actually quite enjoy being part of the backstage buzz and come back every year!
Supervision Rotas
During the Show week and weekend rehearsals, all children need to have a responsible adult with them backstage at all times. To avoid each parent having to be there all the time, we ask you to organise yourselves into friendship groups and organise a supervision rota, so that a parent/adult is looking after a group of friends, to give everyone a chance to see the Show.

This would be a normal ratio:
Group 1: three children to one adult;
Group 2: three/four children to one adult and
Group 3: five children to one adult.

The main job involves supervising your small group, helping them with costume changes and generally making sure they are happy and secure.
Staff are unavailable to supervise during the Show week as we are co-ordinating the Production. We fully appreciate that most parents have work commitments and other family to see to, so we hope that with a rota, then we can all work as a team and everyone is able to help, and to see the Show.
Do not worry though, we wholeheartedly promise not to make you sing or dance!!

We trust that you will understand that we have to ask for help, and we do really appreciate all the support that we get from parents and friends. It is for the benefit of your child that we ask for this help and the teamwork and ethos backstage is always phenominal, down to the enthusiastic and helpful parents we have involved.

Friends of Stagestars Committee

This is a committee which is a separate entity to Stagestars Scotland.
Parents and friends of the company have set up a committee to raise money to help the students of Stagestars to fund costumes and to raise money for local charities.All parents and members are very welcome to become involved. The committee run events such as Discos, Coffee Mornings and Raffles. If you would like to become involved with the Friends of Stagestars, please contact