Stagestars Scotland Performing Arts School and Theatre Company produce one major Show each year, usually in June. Other performances may take place throughout the year if we are invited to take part in community events. Our main Production is usually a presentation of the work which students have been developing throughout the year in their lessons.
Below you will find a few explanations of our Show procedures, so that you understand what you are going to be part off, before you commit.

Our philosophy on auditions and placing of students

The annual production aims to showcase as many students as possible. All solos or small group numbers are auditioned, and parts are always allocated to the person who has done the best audition.

Our philosophy on placing of children on stage:
As parents we all want to see our own children at the front. However, also as parents, and experienced teachers we believe, that this is not always the best thing for the child. Typically, our younger and newest children are our less experienced, and often lack confidence or (due to their age or inexperience) the ability to memorise all the words and moves. We aim to give all children a happy experience of being in a Show, so that they have a great time and enjoy themselves. Therefore, we believe in putting our confident and experienced children at the front, rather than places just being allocated in order of height. This way all performers, younger, older or experienced and less experienced all feel secure and enjoy the performing experience.

Parental commitment during Show week

Every year, at Show time, most parents or friends get involved backstage, to assist with supervising their son/daughter. Each year we have been lucky enough to have many valued helpers, who really enjoy being part of the backstage buzz and come back every year to do a variety of jobs, from make-up artists to stage crew!
We trust that you will understand that we have to ask for help, and we do really appreciate all the support that we get from parents and friends. It is for the benefit of your child that we ask for this help and the teamwork and ethos backstage is always phenominal, down to the enthusiastic and helpful parents we have involved.
Please see the Parental involvement page for more information.