Junior School Structure

Stagestars Scotland sessions run within the school term according to the Moray Council.

  • Stagestars Scotland Junior School is on Thursdays from 4pm - 5pm.
    Price per session = 5

    Lessons will include basic training in dance, drama and singing, through games, movement and songs.

  • Regular attendance is expected and it would be appreciated if the principal could be advised of any absences in advance by telephone, e mail or by sending a message with another student.

    Progress is monitored closely by each member of staff and parents are welcome to make an appointment to discuss their child's progress with us at any time.

    The Junior School students do not take part in the annual Production as it would be too much to expect of most of them. However, capable students have been involved in a small way in the Show, if it is deemed by staff and parents that they would cope with the experience.
    Small performances are occasionally given to parents and relatives if there has been a piece of work completed and all the students are confident enough to show it off. This very much depends on the group we have at the time and if the children want to perform in front of people.