Performing Arts School Structure

Stagestars Scotland sessions run within the school term according to the Moray Council.

Stagestars Scotland Performing Arts School is on Thursdays from 5.30pm - 8.30pm.
Price per session = 14-16

Students receive three hours of training per week: three sessions in their age groups(of approx 50 mins each) of Dance, Drama and Singing. There is a short break between each lessons to allow for the 'changover', toilet break and /or some light refreshments. Periodically the normal time slots change so that the groups can join together for rehearsal of full company numbers. There may also on occasions be workshops held on other areas of theatre craft i.e. make-up, costume, lighting or sound. One of the core areas would be substituted to accommodate the new workshop.

Attendance and progress

Attendance on a consistent basis is crucial if progress is to be made. Too many absences can prevent a students from obtaining the skills necessary for advancement. It would be appreciated if the principal could be advised of any absences in advance by telephone, e mail or by sending a message with another student.

Progress is monitored closely by each member of staff and parents are welcome to make an appointment to discuss their child's progress with us at any time.

Performance opportunities

There will be one major Production per year, usually held in June. This Show will be a presentation of the work which the students have been working on in their lessons and will also demonstrate the links between the three art forms. We also have other opportunities for performance throughout the year at various venues.