What we do in Theatre Company sessions..

The Theatre Company focusses on singing and performing, with drama and dance as an added option.
The Singing course aims to develop the social, emotional and physical aspects of singing. Every member will develop his or her singing technique, musical knowledge and self confidence. Individually they will develop their vocal tone, control, range, volume and expressive quality. Throughout the session members will learn about the following: vocal exercises, breathing technique, posture, structure, expression, dynamics, tempo, rhythm, pitch, harmony, melodic range, melodic shape, musical form and musical style. Members will learn how to follow a conductor and illustrate the meaning or drama of a song through facial expression, movement and staging. Singing lessons will include a variety of solo (optional by audition) and ensemble work and will be based on a variety of musical styles, depending on the focus of the lesson and the theme of the forthcoming Production.

Drama Option:

Drama lessons focus on many different aspects of theatre to enhance the vocal work. Using drama exercises,improvised scenes and script work we aim to improve voice projection, accents, stage presence and characterisation. Specific Drama pieces in our Shows are always auditioned, and it is generally the confident and experienced actors who take these roles.

Dance Option:

The dance element involves choreographed routines in varying styles. A general 'warm up' begins the session. Students are then taught dances which are to be incorporated in the next production. Again, this is something that most people like to learn during the sessions, but there is absolutely no pressure for non dancers to perform in a Show.